American DJ Sweeper Beam LED



Saw this new product from ADJ the other day and thought that it was kind of neat, the American DJ Sweeper Beam LED. It features 8 3-watt bright white CREE LEDs spread across a 1 meter bar fixture. Each LED engine is individually controllable which gives you the option of some fun chases and pixel effects. Each of the LEDs has a beam angle of just 3.5 degrees, giving it a very tight beam. The sweeper bar also is motorized and able to tilt back and forth to create some unique looks. Plus, being LED, it consumes a tiny amount of power so you can daisy chain up to 8 of them together using the IEC in/out sockets on the back of the fixture. For the price, these could be great for churches, youth groups, small concerts, or anything really. If any of you reading this have actually used these, I’d love to hear what you thought of them, leave a comment below!



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